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Want Sparkly Dishes?

The home I just purchased this year does not have a dishwasher and while I don't seem to mind, I occasionally miss the detergent recipe that I used to use at my last home. Incredibly easy to make, leaves dishes clean every time, and smells good too!

What you'll need:

-1 C borax

-1 C baking soda

-1 Tbs salt

-1 Tbs lemon essential oil


Combine all ingredients and mix well. Store in a container with a lid in an area that is easily accessible in your kitchen. Use the amount you would typically use in your machine per load (about a Tbs or so).

*NOTE: Fill your rinse dispenser with white vinegar for extra sparkly dishes!

*NOTE: This recipe works well for dishes in a dishwasher that have been rinsed completely of any food/beverage items. Do not use this recipe if your dishes have not been rinsed completely, (this will probably damage your dishwasher in the future anyway). I highly doubt you will get the results you want with ANY dishwasher detergent if you do not make sure your dishes are completely rinsed. So don't forget this crucial step to a healthier, worry-free way of living and... happy dish washing!


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