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Power of Peroxide

Good morning, friends! Lately I've been noticing a lot of unwanted sparkle in my hair... particularly in the shade of white. After speaking with my fiance's aunt about possible solutions, she suggested I highlight my hair to allow the lighter colors to blend in with the white better... Genius! However, I didn't want to just run over to Sally's again, because of my "All-Natural" challenge I started in 2018.

So, I don't know if you can classify hydrogen peroxide as a "natural" thing, but it was close enough for me. Before choosing this technique, I watched YouTube videos on common natural ways to highlight one's hair, In doing so, I found that lemon juice was the top suggestion, mixed with the sun's support of course. So I mixed a good amount of lemon juice into a spray bottle, leaving the remainder filled with only water. Since I am not out in the sun frequently this time of year (February); however, I decided to try another method as I was not noticing any results.

The next method of choice was a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This sounded scary to me, but after watching a few YouTube videos of what to do and what not to do in this process, I felt safe to try it. The first time I tried this technique, I only left the mixture on for 15 minutes and didn't see much results. I was initially worried because one of the videos I had viewed said it fried the woman's hair (but she did leave it on for THREE hours, so, DON'T do that).

I waited about a week to make sure my hair was still feeling healthy enough to try lightening it again, and then I went for it. This time, I only took the top half section of my hair. I also tried a slightly different technique (I'll explain below in the full recipe). My results? Well, they aren't as exuberant as I was anticipating, but I think with a combination of using lemon juice in the future and keeping my hair the way it is now, the sun will help me lighten it the rest of the way. If you would like to try this way of highlighting your hair, continue reading below...

Power of Peroxide Hair Dye


-Baking Soda

-Hydrogen Peroxide


-Hair dye mixing bowl

-Hair dye mixing brush

-Protective gloves



Pour a fair amount of baking soda into your mixing bowl to start with, slowly add peroxide mixing with your brush. You'll want a paste-like consistency that will easily apply to hair with your brush, it is better to have this paste be on the wetter side rather than dry. If the mixture is too dry it won't stick to your hair, it will just crumble off to the floor. To fix this problem, I just added water to my brush to get what I had already applied to my hair, more wet. Then I added water to the mixture as well.

Thoroughly cover each part of your hair that you wish to lighten with the mixture. Once hair is completely saturated with mixture, wrap together and clip to keep away from face and skin. Carefully wipe away any excess mixture off of your skin. When I did this, I realized that I needed to wipe away the excess mixture from my scalp as well. *Baking soda can be irritating to the skin if left on for too long, so if you have discomfort like I did, simply take a warm, wet washcloth and wipe away the dye from your skin.

I left my mixture on for about 40 minutes this second time and saw some good results. You can literally watch this lighten your hair! I decided to do housework for a while to let the dye set in, and when I came back to the bathroom, it was already working! Then I took a bath to soak my muscles and by the time I was done, I felt ready to rinse out my DIY hair dye. After this attempt, the ends of my hair did feel a lot more dry; however, if I had bleached my hair to get highlights, I think it would have felt much more damaged. I am due for a trim anyways, so I think this is the perfect time to give myself one. My hair is naturally dark brown with hints of red tones in it (except for the newly found white), the top half is a lighter brown now with some areas even closer to the blonde coloring. I will continue to spray my hair with lemon juice water before I go out in the sun and I think this will help it increase it's blonde look, naturally.

If you would like to learn how I give my own hair a trim, stay tuned... we will be posting about that very soon! In the meantime, happy highlighting! And feel free to follow me on Instagram @gabriella_emilie or @gabriellasplace_oo


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