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New Ingredients, New You

Hey friends! Been a while since we've posted on here - with the holiday season and recently getting engaged, you could say we've been a little busy. But let's dive in... when my fiance and I recently took our engagement photos, I was a little disappointed with how my appearance was. Of course, he would never tell me he thinks I look anything but beautiful (bless his heart) but engagement photos are meant to look flawless, right? Keeping this in mind and thinking about my upcoming wedding day, I realized that I want to look and feel my best. I did not want to cave and buy more toxic beauty products though, because I made the commitment not to go back in the later part of 2018. Sticking to my commitment, I watched YouTube video after YouTube video, trying to learn how to make 'beet root pigment' and trying not to waste the beet root powder I purchased a few months ago. Each time, the liquid would not blend with my oil/wax base, causing a lot of frustration and thrown out products. Now, I just use the beet root powder in our daily smoothies.

Finally, I came across Ela Gale on YouTube, if you haven't watched any of her videos, we would highly recommend her! She has a calm voice that explains all of the important aspects of making your own beauty products, she talks about the ingredients she uses and why, she also informs viewers of why it's important to use only natural, quality ingredients versus toxic ones. After watching her video, "Homemade Natural lipstick - Mauve /Wine," I was sold! I then watched her deodorant video as well as one about hair care products to make. Next, I ordered the ingredients I didn't already have on Amazon (not my favorite vendor, but I have a free trial of prime to use, so I'm making it worth my while). The ingredients I purchased are as follows:

- 100% Natural African Shea Butter

- 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay

- SKIN SAFE, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE, NON-TOXIC, AND NATURAL Mica Powder Pigment Set (by how to look PRETTY, San Francisco)

My results? Astonishing!! I was hoping to make a lipstick that could parallel as a blush cream originally. Instead, the first batch I made ended up being different shades of "lip gloss" rather than "lipstick." Although I followed Ela's recipe, I changed the almond oil to castor oil and the cocoa butter to coconut oil, which is probably the reason mine turned out to be so glossy. Since I had more empty makeup containers, (I was using old eyeshadow palettes that I had emptied and rinsed) I decided to make a new batch, only this time I used the mica powders with strictly shea butter and wax. My results were much better as far as a blush/eyeshadow product goes; however, it still needs some fine-tuning. The ratios I used of butter to wax may need some adjustments to get the product to be exactly how I want it to be... but I am still completely impressed and in love with these new ingredients! I also tried making a clay face mask yesterday before applying my new makeup, and it felt glorious! The recipe was on the back of the bentonite clay container, but all it is is a 1:1 ratio of clay to apple cider vinegar. If you would like to try to make this lip gloss or blush/eyeshadow combo, read below for my versions of the recipes:

Lip Gloss

-1 tsp beeswax

-1 tsp shea butter

-1 tsp coconut oil

-1 tsp castor oil *To help with cold climates (optional)

-1 tsp pigment clay (mica powders)*

-10 drops peppermint (optional)

Combine all ingredients except for the pigments in a glass bowl or container and melt completely. Remove from heat. Prepare your container(s) *I used an old eyeshadow palette and made multiple colors, so I did not use as much pigment as the recipe shows. Instead, I added minute amounts of mica powder(s) to each section of the palette and then poured the warm mixture into each section. Then I mixed each section separately in its designated spot. This was a little challenging once the liquid began solidifying but since it does not completely harden for quite some time, I was able to make it work.* Store in a place that is cool and dry. Feel free to mix colors to get the shades you desire!

Blush/Eyeshadow Cream

-1 tsp beeswax

-1 tsp shea butter

-1/8 tsp mica powder(s)

Just as above, melt ingredients except for mica powders together. Once melted, remove from heat and pour into prepared containers with desired mica powder pigments. Mix each shade completely and store in a cool and dry place. *This ratio is still a little glossy for my liking when it comes to eyeshadow. The blush; however, is a good mix for my skin. I will be modifying my eyeshadow recipe, but until then, I am enjoying the moisturizing blush and lip gloss I was able to make. I hope you try this and enjoy it too!


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