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DIY Makeup that WORKS

Hello Everyone,

Today I am so excited to share with you all of the wonderful makeup recipes that I have deemed my new "favorites" now that I have made the commitment to only use all-natural beauty and personal care products. Since my bank account doesn't allow me to spend ridiculous amounts of money on organic makeup and I have so many sensitivities to products out there, I decided to look up my own recipes. Shouldn't be too hard, right? WRONG!

If you are thinking about doing this as well, be prepared for disappointment at first. Hopefully this post will eliminate some of those frustrations, since it is a compilation of only the recipes that turned out, but you must know that these recipes won't work exactly the same for everyone, you will have to adapt it to your skin tones/sensitivities/style/etc. BUT, with how affordable it is, how great it makes your skin and lashes feel, and how easy it is to make, why wouldn't you make this transition too?!

When you make your own products (personal care or household), it simplifies A LOT of what we thought we needed. Below, I will walk you through each step of how I prepare my face for the day and I will also include some of the main ingredients and tools you will need to get started with this process, I tried to get away with not using beeswax but you can't, so don't try that. My main problem was finding ingredients I needed in local stores, I finally just ordered a brick of beeswax online and grated it at home. Other ingredients, I was sad to realize I spent more money on than I needed to because of lack of availability, but I learned for next time. Check out YouTube videos before you go buy something like beet root powder for instance... if you have a grinder or some way to manually grind dried beet chips, it is WAY cheaper than buying the powder, just takes a little more effort. If you don't care, just buy it. I use my beet powder for my face and my health (smoothies are delicious with it) so that is how I have justified the $14.99 I spent on one container (ouch)!

*NOTE: IF you grate your beeswax before using it, make sure that you have separate dishware to handle wax with. I used my food processor to grate it fast but it ended up leaving me with a huge mess that I wouldn't recommend making for yourself. It would be much better to just go old-school and get a metal grater from a thrift store (label it for wax only) you'll get an arm workout and have beeswax ready for easy melting!

*NOTE: If you do not use a "primer/moisturizer" for this type of makeup, you'll be disappointed because the powder won't stick... I tried making a liquid foundation and none of the recipes I tried worked. I then came across a blog stating that if you use minerals and oils at home to make a liquid foundation, you'll have to mix it daily to avoid the product going bad. Store-bought makeup products (organic or not) have preservative ingredients in them, which we don't have at home so I decided this was too much hassle for me and just stuck with my simple moisturizer and powders. Sometimes, less is more. And ladies, I think guys really think this too, you don't need a whole cake and filters on your face to look pretty!

So, with the important notes out of the way, let's get started...

Tools you'll need:

Glass bowl or dish (to mix ingredients in)

Pan of water (choose a size that will hold the glass bowl up well, you will use this combination like a double boiler)

Mixing tool (toothpicks, metal stick, etc.)

Containers with lids (I prefer glass like old baby food jars or small mason jars)

Main Ingredients:

Coconut oil


Charcoal (all recipes say "activated charcoal" I don't know what exactly that means, but I have used charcoal pieces I've found in the woods and ground it up into a fine powder, works great for me as long as it's ground finely. I also use this for hunting as my face paint)

Beet root powder

Arrowroot powder

Cacao powder

Lavender essential oil

*NOTE: All of these products should be 100% pure, organic ingredients. If not, they could potentially harm your skin and/or body. I made the mistake of using corn starch in my deodorant before purchasing arrowroot powder and let me make this clear, DO NOT SUBSTITUTE CORN STARCH FOR ARROWROOT POWDER! When I did this, my armpits broke out in sores, I looked up what could be the problem and sure enough, it was the corn starch. Although it's food grade, it is not safe for our skin... worry anybody? It sure popped up a red flag for me... I haven't used corn starch in anything since.

Face Wash:

This recipe is another super simple one that comes from "Aunty Megan," the woman who inspired all of this (see our post about hair care to get the most soft & healthy hair you've EVER had). To wash your face, simply use a little bit of baking soda and wet it in your hand to make a paste type of consistency, then rub it in and rinse off. I love doing this in the shower because it's super easy to keep a bottle of baking soda in there (with a lid) and then exfoliate and rinse right there while it's convenient.


This recipe is an extension of one of my favorites that I actually use all over my body as a lotion, again very simple. You'll need coconut oil, beeswax (about a 1 part beeswax to 5 parts coconut oil ratio is my favorite, but you can play around with it and see what you like). Melt both the coconut oil and beeswax together, once melted and mixed, add 2-4 drops of lavender essential oil to the mixture, pour into a container with a lid and store in the fridge until hardened. Then you can store this at room temperature and use as needed.

*NOTE: About a pea size of this stuff should hydrate your face, a little bit goes a long way! Also, if you do not have beeswax or do not want it in this recipe, you can leave it out. I've used this recipe without it for about 3 years and it works great, the only reason I added the beeswax was for a different consistency to hopefully get my face powder to stick better. I actually prefer the beeswax addition now!


This recipe isn't really a "recipe" because it's only one ingredient for me. Pure cacao powder matches my skin tones great, so I just have some of it in a recycled baby food container. I dip my brush into it and tap off the excess powder, then lightly brush it onto my face after applying my moisturizer. It's subtle but covers up the uneven tones. *NOTE: If this is too dark for your skin tones, you can lighten it up with arrowroot powder.


Again, this is a very subtle highlighter, mostly just to balance out the look of your natural skin tones. I simply use a rounded eyeshadow brush and dip it into the arrowroot powder. Following the same way I applied the foundation, I simply put this white powder everywhere I would usually "highlight" if I were to be contouring.


Most of the recipes I followed said to mix beet root powder with arrowroot powder to get a nice colored blush. I didn't notice it showing up too well on my skin when mixed, so I took the arrowroot powder out of mine and only use the beet powder. You can get creative with mixing yours if you want, to get a different brightness or shade, I just realized that it was getting very time consuming for me to play with the tones and leaving them as is seems to show up better and work nicely for me. Like I mention above, everybody will have different experiences with this makeup because it is not like store-bought makeup- experimenting is going to be essential.


(In this case, the term "never" must be used in that I will never use store-bought mascara again! I think this recipe actually helped my lashes grow longer too, it's my ultimate favorite DIY recipe)!

To fill 4 clean & empty mascara bottles, I used the following measurements (approximately)

1 Tbs Coconut oil

1 Tbs Beeswax

1 Tbs Arrowroot powder

2 Drops Lavender oil

1 tsp Charcoal

Melt together 1 part coconut oil and 1 part beeswax with 2-4 drops lavender oil (depending on amount made). When combined, add 1/3 part charcoal and 1 part arrowroot powder. When there are no more powder pieces and it has all blended together, remove from heat and pour into a plastic, resealable bag. The mixture will harden and turn oily/crumbly inside the bag, cut the tip of one of the corners of the bag and prepare tubes for filling. This part gets a little messy, I did this step over the sink.

Fill each tube of mascara by squeezing product into the hole and then stuffing it down the tube with the brush wand. Be careful with this step because the crumbly texture of the mixture could make it difficult to get all of the product down into the tube. Once the bag is emptied evenly throughout the mascara tubes, add drops of water slowly to each tube. Mix each tube on its own, too much water will result in watery, unusable product. Not enough water will make it too crumbly and waxy. Add one drop at a time and mix with wand until your desired texture is created.


I tried for so long to make an eyeliner that I liked, none of them worked. No recipes worked! I am still in shock of this; however, today I desperately wanted to get this blog updated and so, I desperately found a solution... I wish I had thought of this in the first place! SO EASY! Take an angled brush and dab it onto your mascara wand until it's coated lightly with your mascara. Paint on your eyeliner however you desire. So far mine has not come off and still looks like when I put it on (about two hours ago) which is already better than any other eyeliner recipe I have attempted to make thus far.

Tinted Lip Balm:

Yesterday I was playing around with colors and thought I would make some lip balm. While the color didn't turn out as dark as I wanted (I was going for a red looking color) it ended up being a nice subtle pink and the consistency of it is ideal. To put this on, I use a q-tip (if sharing) or just my finger (if it's only my lips using it). I melted 1 part coconut oil to 1 part beeswax, then I added some beet root powder for color (less than a teaspoon so next time I will try a little more). I stored mine in a tealight candle holder because it was cute and I am only keeping it in my bathroom cabinet so it shouldn't get dirty, but if you are worried about dust collecting or want a to-go container, make it in a container with a lid.

Phew! I think that sums up my facial care guys. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do and even if you want to start small and just take one store-bought product out at a time... I can guarantee you'll notice a difference instantly and it will most likely result in you going through ALL of your products and replacing with homemade, quality, healthy ingredients! Affordably too.

Approximate Pricing:

Beetroot Powder (6.1 oz): $14.99 (next time I'll be making on my own)

Beeswax (1 lb brick): $9.99

Cacao Powder (8 oz): $3.99

Arrowroot Powder (16 oz): $3.99

Coconut Oil (54 fl oz): $16.99

Charcoal: Free (found in the woods, ground at home)

Baking Soda: Cannot remember the price because I bought it 4 months ago and still have about 1/3 of the bag left, huge bag from Costco, I remember it was cheap though.

Total: Approx. $49.95

I currently have most of each of these products left and are using them for other purposes in my household as well...

Beeswax: candle gifts for Christmas

Beet root powder: smoothies

Cacao powder: Christmas goodies, baking

Arrowroot powder: thickening agent similar to corn starch (soups, pies, etc.)

Coconut Oil: baking, cooking, dog treats

Baking Soda: household cleaning, cooking, baking

So really, when you look at the cost of it all and the amounts I used to make each product as well as the amounts I have left over... I would say it's well worth it! Just buying four mascara tubes alone would cost about $31.96 with my old brand (Rimmel, old style shown in photos but it is filled with homemade product now). Although we wouldn't go out and buy 4 mascara bottles at a time, you get the point, it's cheap! See below for photos of my products (moisturizer missing from photos) and how it looks on my face. ;) Happy creating everybody!


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