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Chicken Soup... for the ENTIRE family!

Hi friends! Today, we've got about 16 inches of snow and counting... so I wanted to share a simple recipe that will warm your bellies and fill your home with glorious smells. If you're like me, you hate scrolling through the lengthy blog posts on most Pinterest links just to find the recipe, so I'll keep it short and simple. First, I'll go over a general recipe, then I'll provide tips and tricks I like to practice with this meal. **You may want to have a recipe card or notebook handy. Thanks for reading, and happy cooking!

Chicken Soup (way better than the canned stuff)

Main Ingredients:

- Chicken with bone in

(I prefer thighs, you can choose whichever part of the chicken you like. Thighs are my go-to for chicken because I like to prepare foods like enchiladas, soups, and other meals that require simmering and bones always help give added flavor, we also like dark meat. Yesterday's recipe had two chicken thighs)

- Vegetables

(Include a variety of colorful vegetables, the ones I used in yesterday's soup were:

4 garlic cloves; 1 C frozen corn; 1 red onion, chopped; 1 large sweet potato, chopped; 2 celery stocks, chopped)


(To make your soup more hearty, add grains like rice or noodles. Be sure and wait for the end to do this. Grains I used for yesterday's soup were: 1 C brown rice; 1 C ancient grains medley)


(To enhance the flavors of your unique broth, add spices you enjoy. Some of my favorites for chicken soup are: paprika, cayenne pepper, Himalayan pink salt, & black pepper. Yesterday's soup had all of these spices and a wedge of ginger root)


In a rice cooker, fill cooking pot mostly with water, then add chopped vegetables and desired spices. Next, place the steaming basket over the water. **Water should come up to the bottom of the basket but not overflow the basket. Place chicken, garlic cloves and ginger root into basket and let cook on low for about 3-4 hours. Around the last 45 minutes of cook time, take the basket out. Separate the garlic cloves from the basket, mash them and place into the soup. Next, shred the chicken off of the bone. **Keep the skin and fat in one area if you plan to use part of the soup as a dog food enhancer, like I prefer to. Place bones in the trash and ginger root in compost bin if you have one. Add shredded chicken to soup and proceed to add corn, rice and grain medley. Once rice is cooked through, the soup is ready to eat. Taste your broth, if it needs a little bit of this or that, make adjustments with your spices. **Be sure and add little amounts of spice at a time to avoid over-seasoning the soup. Serve with toasted bread or crackers and enjoy!


As you can see from our photo, we eat Smart Balance in our household. I cannot have dairy products and my fiance is not picky with butter, so we both enjoy this butter substitute. If you have concerns with your cholesterol, try it! This product tastes the most similar to real butter out of the many I've tried, and has a nice price tag on it as well. We buy this large container at Grocery Outlet (our local bargain grocery store) for around $5.99, it lasts us about 1-2 months, depending on how much I use it for baking.

If you have canine companions, they'll love some of this soup poured over their dry food and topped with the fat scraps you save.

**Onions and garlic are not recommended for dogs in their daily diet; however, this soup has minute amounts for what they'll be given. If your canine(s) begin to show signs of discomfort, I would recommend changing the types of human food you give them. Garlic and onions are only said to give dogs gas. My dogs don't seem to have a problem with the broth I make going onto their food, but if you want to learn more information about what is safe to give to dogs, the internet is a great resource!

Store extra soup in the fridge up to a week after cooking. I've found that rice freezes pretty well also, if you have a large container to store left-overs in, this would be a great meal to freeze for a later time when time in the kitchen is limited.

Customize this recipe with whatever you have in your home that you like. It's so easy to make soup from scratch so don't buy a can of it for over a dollar when you can recreate the same thing in your house IN BULK for around the same price. Be smarter than the industry and treat your body right, happy eating everyone!


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