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Gabriella Westerhuis

Owner/Director/Lead Teacher
AA in Child Development
BA in Human Development & Family Sciences

Hi, I'm Gabriella, AKA Miss Vanilla, Balella, Gabalella, Grabyella... you get the point! I LOVE that each child has his/her own perspective, personality, and interests; I strive to encourage this in my classroom daily. "Too abstract" is not a phrase in our vocabulary because we thrive off of being out of the ordinary. I don't push, I offer. I don't require, I expect. My results? Come visit us and see...

Hola, soy Gabriella, también Miss Vanilla, Balella, Gabalella, Grabyella ... ¡ya sabes! AMO que cada niño tenga su propia perspectiva, personalidad e intereses; Me esfuerzo por alentar esto en mi clase diariamente. "Demasiado abstracto" no es una frase en nuestro vocabulario porque nos gusta ser fuera de lo común. Yo no empujo, yo ofrezco. No es necesario exigir, porque los niños responden a las expectativas. ¿Mis resultados? Visitarnos y verás ...

Wow, words can’t even begin to describe

Noah Westerhuis

AA in Criminal Justice

Info Coming Soon!

She's a happy camper today 💕 #grandmash


Canine Assistant 1
(Asistente Canino 1)

Our tiny, cuddly friend Daisy has over five years of experience working with children. She is sweet, growls to warn if she does not like a situation, and enjoys a gentle touch. She hides to tell us she is ready for alone time.
Nuestra adorable pequeña amiga Daisy tiene más de cinco años de experiencia trabajando con niños. Es dulce, gruñe para avisar si no le gusta una situación, y disfruta de un toque suave. Se esconde para decirnos que está lista para el tiempo sola.



Canine Assistant 1
(Asistente Canino 1)

While Dixie hasn't spent as long as five years working with children, she sure knows how to play! Dixie has a heart on her side to remind us of her kind soul, she enjoys playing fetch with anything and will keep on playing until you give up!
Mientras que Dixie no ha pasado más de cinco años trabajando con niños, ¡ella sabe cómo jugar! ¡Dixie tiene un corazón de su lado para recordarnos su alma bondadosa, le gusta jugar con cualquier cosa y seguirá jugando hasta que te rindas!


Katie R. Beck
St. John Fisher College

"Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and animal-assisted activities (AAA) are becoming more prevalent in educational settings. Research has shown that there are many benefits to having animals involved in therapy, specifically canines. Canine-assisted therapy/activities and the use of therapy dogs are being incorporated into schools and classrooms. The purpose of this paper is to explore the impacts canine-assisted therapy and activities have on students academically, physically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. It will also identify any caveats of the use of therapy dogs in schools, and investigate the evidence to further determine if and how therapy dogs have positive impacts on children in an educational setting."


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